Common Snakes of Arizona

There are many snakes in Arizona. They are others that are common and can be easily encountered in many places. The mountains, streams and bushes of Arizona harbor many types of snakes which might be venomous or non-venomous. Non-venomous snakes in Arizona. Non-venomous snakes are very common in Arizona. Most of them are harmless and they can be found near homes. Although they are termed as harmless, you should not interfere with their activities. The snakes sometimes attack when someone tries to capture them or corner them. There are many non-venomous snakes in Arizona. The Arizona Milk snake is one of them. The snake feeds on mice, rats and other small reptiles and birds. The snake is normally found in vegetation during the day. The Arizona patch-nosed snake is also not dangerous and it resides in deserts feeding on rats and other small animals including other snakes. The banded Leafnose snake is always camouflaged in sand and not easily noticed and it is harmless to humans. The Blind snake is also a harmless species of snakes. They have eyes that are practically not functional. They are like earthworms and they live underground. They are not easy to encounter and therefore not dangerous to people. The checkered Garter snake is also very common. Its main meal being small earthworms, frogs and small fish. The snake is normally found in small streams and in the backyard when there is rain to eat the earthworms when they rise to the ground. They are harmless to humans as they have no venom. The coachwhip snake is harmless. It feeds on lizards and small rodents. It is not easy to spot as it moves very fast. The common Kingsnake is harmless and cannot bite unless tampered with. The western Hognose snake is very docile. They do not bite unless badly handled by someone. There are other common non-venomous snakes in Arizona like the Desert Rosy Boa snake, Sonoran Gopher snake, Ground snake and Glossy snake. Venomous snakes in Arizona. There are also venomous snakes in Arizona. They are dangerous and can cause death if not handled carefully. The Western Diamondback rattlesnake is very venomous and can be found in residences near the deserts. Sidewinder rattlesnake are found in sandy deserts and are also dangerous. The speckled rattle snake is normally found in places with many rocks and are dangerous. The Blacktail rattlesnake loves mountain regions and they are not violent but still venomous. The Coral snake is also dangerous. The snakes are small and not easy to find. Although it has venom, it injects little amount and cannot kill a human. However, it is important to keep safe. There are other venomous snakes like Great Basin rattlesnake, prairie rattlesnake, Grand Canyon rattle snake and Tiger rattlesnake. The snakes should be well handled to avoid accidents. Even if you are sure a snake is non-venomous you should leave them alone or call for safe removal from animal control authorities as fast as possible.

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